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  1.   Welcome to Chop Chop Aberdeen

We have huge range of delicious food available daily starting from the tasty appetiser and soup followed by main course and last but not least dessert. We also bring you set meal option if you could not made up your mind over our plenty selection of dishes. Our set meals are prepared to suit your family including kids menu set. You can also order your Chinese online.

     Customer Reviews

1.CHOP CHOP is definitely my favourite takeaway in Aberdeen. The staff are friendly,    the food is prepared fresh (you can see because they have an open kitchen) .Fantastic food and it never takes to long to be delivered!

2. One of the cleanest Chinese takeaways in Abdn! Budget friendly,quick and flexible. Very friendly staff as well! Highly recommended!!


We are open DAILY from 4.30pm-11.00pm 
to ensure you have the quality Chinese

food whenever you need it.

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